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Macon, GA 31297
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May 26, 2017
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The Structures Lead Mechanic is a mechanic who is a working member of his crew, who is charged with the responsibility of leading, directing, assigning and approving the work of the other members of his/her crew. Lead Mechanics are selected for their technical skills with due consideration for their ability to lead people and accept responsibility.

1. To ensure that all aircraft parts/components removed from an aircraft in work, that are to be rerouted to the applicable shops, are documented by a valid service and operation number and that the work scope is properly identified.
2. To ensure that proper FAA approved technical data is used and available to the crew. 
3. Assigning work to the crew directly under him/her, assigning the right individual to the right job for maximum utilization of their skills.
4. Responsible for his/her own work and the work of his/her assigned crew, to include normal climbing/walking, bending, standing, normal use of ladders, stairs and platforms .
5. Responsible for the proper work execution of parts tags attached to repairable, serviceable or condemned parts. He/she will also be responsible to assure that all serviceable tags are installed on components and properly annotated. 
6. Assures that his/her crew performs top quality work and monitors the work performed by the individuals and crew. 
7. Insures his/her crew members are qualified and that they use proper procedures, manual references, and tools in accomplishing their assigned task. Perform on the job training, as required and determine any additional training needs.
8. Takes attendance at the beginning of his/her shift of assigned crew and report attendance in accordance with Payroll procedures.
9. Insure accurate and complete turnover and to schedule work for his/her assigned crew members. 
10. Assist the Production Supervisor in preparing performance evaluation of his/her crew members.
11. Provide estimates for all maintenance on non-pre-planned documents (i.e., non-routines, etc.) within his/her area of responsibility in a timely manner.


1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
2. Airframe license required.
3. Two +(2+) years experience performing as an accomplished aircraft mechanic on heavy commercial aircraft, or one (1) year previously demonstrated ability within HAECO.
4. Capable of interpreting drawings and blueprints to accomplish a specific task. 
5. Must have knowledge of basic structures practices, including rivets, hi-loks, taper-loks, hucks, hardware, aluminum and stainless steel.
6. Must be able to identify different types of aluminum alloy.
7. Must have knowledge of structural repair manuals (SRM), maintenance manuals and IPC.
8. Must have basic structural knowledge on all fleet types.
9. Must have own tools as required by Company tool list.
10. Have the ability to lead people and accept responsibility.
11. Read, write and understand the English language.

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