Composite Technician - DIRECT - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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June 08, 2017
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Overview: Accomplish repairs/alterations to composite and bonded aircraft structure in accordance with parts 43 and 145. Each technician is responsible for performing his or her assigned duties safely and in a manner that ensures the airworthiness of the article is maintained.

  • Overhaul, maintenance and repair of airframe & nacelle components in accordance with current technical data acceptable to or approved by the FAA.
  • Select correct fastener, inspection of drilled holes, and proper fastener installation for bolted composite repair.
  • Safe handling of advanced composite repair materials.
  • Drilling and cutting composites and metals.
  • Signing for accomplishment of work on applicable work forms and records.
  • Interpret FAA-accepted or FAA-approved data.
  • Performing only those duties for which he or she has been properly trained and authorized.
  • Maintaining tools in a condition that will not compromise the condition of the product being maintained.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate tag is attached to all parts removed from an assembly in accordance with the tagging procedures. The aircraft technician in performing his/her duties is required to be constantly alert for defective, worn or failed parts as well as safe working conditions.
  • Assesses maintenance/repair requirements for airframe components and assemblies using technical manuals, service bulletins and other approved data.
  • Provides technical information to engineers for development of repairs outside of approved data scope when required.
  • Comply with hazardous material disposal procedures.
  • Read and interpret Aircraft drawings and blueprints.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of composite repair methods, materials, and procedures 
  • Familiar with the terminology and basics of composite technology
  • Familiar with, and can operate, the necessary equipment and interpret FAA-accepted or FAA-approved data
  • Handle the materials and products correctly in accordance with safety and quality requirements
  • Identify the fabric tracers, direction of the warp and fill, and yarn count
  • Prepare the components’ damaged area for repair in accordance with the approved/accepted data
  • Lay up the repair in proper orientation and apply the cure process in accordance with the approved/accepted data

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